What are the new requirements about medication for children?

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"Parents should not be forced to medicate their children as a condition of the child attending school, and school personnel should not attempt to make medical diagnoses that should rightly be made by trained medical personnel. To ensure the rights of parents are protected, the law requires that each state prohibit state and local educational agency personnel from requiring a child to obtain a prescription for a controlled substance as a condition of attending school, receiving services, or receiving an evaluation for a disability. This requirement was included to ensure that parents are not coerced into placing their children on certain drugs (e.g., Ritalin) so that their children can go to school. School personnel are not licensed medical practitioners, and should not be making medical decisions or imposing such decisions on parents. The law does allow school personnel to continue to share observations about a child's academic achievement, functional performance, or behavior management with parents so that parents are aware of the child's performance during the school day. Parents can then use that information and consult with appropriate medical practitioners for more information if they feel medication is necessary or beneficial to helping improve their child's academic achievement."