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Yellow Creek GEAR UP Club

7th grade students at Yellow Creek School Center had their first GEAR UP Club meeting for the month of November on Friday 11/1/19.  CCN Sabrina Cross and AI Chelsea Evans opened the meeting up with the WHY TRY Warm-Up Activity:  M & M's, students shared things they are thankful for, positive qualities about themselves and ways they can show gratitude.  
Students committed to a 30 days of Thankfulness Challenge, where each student has committed to saying THANK YOU at least 10 times per day, and giving 1 compliment per day for the next 30 days.  Writing Teacher Ms. Skylar Capps will be doing daily Journal Entries this month allowing students to reflect on how they are doing with the Thankfulness Challenge.   Students will also be writing Thank You Notes and Heart felt letters.
The BIG Project both 7th and 8th grade students will be working on over the next 30 days will be collecting items to send Care Packages to a group of Soldiers. 

After the Why Try Warm Up, the students were then allowed to eat their M & M's. While the students were finishing up, they shared with Mrs. Evans and myself of how the WHY TRY lesson directly corresponds with a Learning Blade​ lesson titled "Entrepreneurship" that the 7th graders have completed earlier in the year. In the lesson, the explanation of how M & M's came to be is explained. Their hard exterior "shell" was designed specifically with soldiers in mind, so that they could enjoy a treat even through the devastating heat/weather they often face.