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The Air Force ROTC program is a dynamic life-changing program.  It is a training program of the United States armed forces to recruit and educate commissioned officers. Air Force ROTC focuses on leadership development, problem-solving, strategic planning, and professional ethics.

Seniors Hayden and Spencer shared a few thoughts on their time in the Air Force ROTC program.  "There are insurmountable leadership opportunities.  For example, public speaking, the thought of public speaking in grade school made me sick to my stomach".  

"One of my favorite things about our program is the field trips. This past year we took six.  One thing that I will never forget was taking the air patrol plane from the Middlesboro airport and flying around our county.  Most importantly, we have made friends that will last a lifetime". 

The Bell County Air Force ROTC program is led by Sgt. James Browning and Sgt. William Collet.  If you would like to learn more about joining our program, contact us below.