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Code Academy and Entrepreneurship

Bell County high school is launching new programs to create opportunities that don't currently exist in our county.  The three programs include a coding academy, entrepreneurship, and Google certifications.  The goal behind these new programs is to create jobs that will not require graduates to move away or attend college. 

"These new initiatives will provide our students with opportunities that they can't get anywhere else.  The coding academy will start in the 9th grade and those students will take code classes until they graduate.  We have strategic partners in place that will also help connect our graduates with employers.  Code plays a role in every industry and we are excited to offer this opportunity", said Superintendent Tom Gambrel.

"The entrepreneurship class will consist of juniors and seniors.  These students will actually launch a product, service, or software.  At the end of the year, they will be in a pitch competition.  At the pitch competition, businesses will pitch for a fellowship.  If they are selected, the company will receive access to a developer, designer, videographer, legal, and accounting for one year to launch their startup.  These resources would cost a startup $30,000 a month and the end goal is to create jobs here in Bell County", said Mr. Gambrel.   

If you would like to learn more, you can contact Superintendent Tom Gambrel below.