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Global Studies Class Presents Countries Around the World

Mrs. Johnson's Global Studies Class recently participated in a Countries Around the World Project. Each Student group was assigned a country from around the world.  The groups were responsible for creating a map of their respective country, a demographics chart, a replica of their countries flag(some students chose to use their sewing skills on this portion of the assignment), a Children's Book or Brochure, and collage. The Project also had the following Written Components:  Timeline of the Country's History,a 2 Page explanation of how the government works, a biographical essay on an important person from their country's history(each student turned in one of these), A Power Point Presentation on a problem their country is currently  facing with a possible solution to the problem, and a Position Essay  on whether they would live in their respective country. Students also cooked a recipe from their country. Once all components of the project were completed, classes toured the Cultural Expo. The Expo allowed students to experience cultures from all over the world.


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