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Join the Kindergarten class at Page

Hello everyone, my name is Tracy Lee and my daughter Taylor loved Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Ashley's kindergarten class at Page.  I wanted to share our experience.  

Taylor has learned so much.  I love it when she reads to me.   When we are in a store, she can tell me how much an item costs.  She has learned to identify numbers and letters.  The other day on the way home she pointed to a tree and said "look mom, it's an evergreen tree".   

Taylor loves telling her dad and me about the new things she learns every day.  Being at Page taught Taylor to be more patient and to take her time to complete her task.  Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Ashley truly loves all the kids!

If you would like to learn more about joining the kindergarten class at Page please contact Krista Sanders and Ashley Sharpe on the link below.