• Bell County Teachers Honored

    by Campbellsville University Excellence in Teaching Award

    Campbellsville University annually recognizes the quality teaching in the schools across the state of Kentucky in order to strengthen the field of education.  This award provides statewide recognition to three outstanding teachers from the school district who have shown leadership skills and dedication to the teaching profession.  The recipients of this award are examples to rest of their peers and should provide inspiration for all teachers to excel in the field. 

    Each district may select one elementary teacher, one middle school teacher, and one high school teacher.  All teachers who are selected by their district receive a personalized certificate, press release and photo for the local newspaper in addition to an invitation for an award's luncheon.



    2021 Bell County School District Campbellsville University Excellence in Teaching Award recipients are:


    Toni Dunn from Yellow Creek School Center (Elementary level)

    Toni Dunn - Elementary


    Brittany Baker from Bell Central School Center (Middle Level)

    Brittany Baker - Middle 

    Mikayla Prater from Bell County High School 

    Mikayla Prater- High School



    Previous winners of this award are:


     Year  Elementary  Middle High School
    2020 Ashley Maguet (Page) Thomas Heck (Bell Central) Lauren Good
    2019 Shana Philpot (Lone Jack) Wayne Gambrel (Right Fork) Brandon Salas
    2018 Angie Carroll (Page) Rebecca Yeary (Bell Central) Tammy Debrot
    2017 Amanda Elliott (Page) Misty Barnes (Yellow Creek) Joshua Garnett
    2016 Pauline Dixon (Yellow Creek)
    Mike Mangus (Lone Jack/Yellow Creek)
    Angelia Hammons
    2015 Melanie Mills (Lone Jack)
    Amanda Day (Bell Central) Karen Sue Saylor
    2014 Joshua Trosper (Lone Jack)
    Belinda Brock (Bell Central)
    Patricia Sizemore