About our Program
    Welcome to the Bell County School System Exceptional Children and Support Services Home Page.  The site is designed to assist community members, parents, prospective parents, educators and students. The website provides information about the special education services in our school system. The Bell County School System provides a continuum of educational and related services to students with identified disabilities in accordance with state and federal law. If you would like further information or feel your child would benefit from these services please contact our Director of Exceptional Children and Support Services, Dr. Mitch Bailey.  Dr. Bailey can be contacted by calling the Bell County Board of Education Office at 606-337-7051, Extension #132 or via email at mitch.bailey@bell.kyschools.us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Special Education?

            Special Education Programs are provided through federal, state, and local resources as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The Bell County School System provides special education services to students who meet eligibility requirements under state regulations from ages 3-21 years old.

    What should I do if I think my child has a disability?

            If you suspect your child has a disability, talk with the principal or counselor of your child's current school. The principal or counselor will advise you on the process of beginning interventions for the suspected disability.   This intervention process is comprised of a school team member with your child's teacher and other educators who are familiar with the type of learning problem your child is experiencing. Intervention strategies will be implemented at your child's school and possibly at home. In many cases, these interventions are successful, and the student's achievement improves.

            When interventions are not successful, and the team suspects a disability may be the cause, the team completes referral documentation, and an Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) meeting is called. At the ARC meeting, the committee reviews all information on your child and determines whether a disability is suspected. If so, the ARC designs an assessment plan for your child which will include formal and informal testing, questionnaires, and observations.

            Upon completion of that assessment, the ARC will meet again to determine if the results meet eligibility requirements established by the state regulations. If your child qualifies, then the committee develops an Individual Education Plan which details how the specific learning needs will be met. Regular program reviews are conducted at least annually, and children in special education are re-evaluated at least every three years.