Are you ready to get your ART ON!

    Draw, paint, sculpt, or create a piece of art and bring your art creation to my room by Friday, September 17th.

    If your artwork is selected, it will be on display at the Harvest Moon Fall Festival in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee on September 25, 2021. This event is sponsored by the Tennessee Arts Commission.
    Students, whose artwork is not selected for the Harvest Moon Festival, will have their artwork on display at the 
    Longhorn Art Gallery! Your work must be your own original creation. You can do something realistic or abstract (using your imagination). Please make your art appropriate for school. You can use any type of materials for your art like paint, crayons, chalk, pencil, etc.

    If you are quarantined, you may take a picture of your artwork and send it to me through email at eva.potter@bell.kyschools.us.

    Happy creating!