Academic Team

Academic Team
  • The BCHS Academic Team and FPS is coached by Kayla Raines.

  • BCHS Academic Team placed 2nd Overall in the District Governor's Cup Competition. Students will advance to the regional competition. 

    Quick Recall Team: 2nd place
    • Dylan Wilson
    • Kennedy Miracle
    • Trista Hurst
    • Wiley Jones
    • John Saylor
    • Sara Saylor 
    • Emma Neal 
    • Johannan Woodring 
    • JJ Arno
    • Katie Duffey
    Future Problem Solving Team: 1st place
    • Dylan Wilson
    • Shelby Cornett
    • Mikayla Gambrel
    • Kiley Gambrel 
    • Anna Woods 
    Science Written Exam:
    • Kennedy Miracle: 2nd place
    • Trista Hurst: 5th place
    Social Studies Written Exam:
    • Dylan Wilson: 2nd place
    • JJ Arno: 4th place
    Language Arts Written Exam:
    • Kennedy Miracle: 4th place
    Arts and Humanities Written Exam:
    • John Saylor: 3rd place
    • Sara Saylor: 4th place
    • Emma Neal: 5th place
    Written Composition:
    • Jay Hollingsworth: 1st place
    • Katie Duffey: 2nd place