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    (Kentucky Continuous Monitoring of Progress)

    Susie Williams, Director of Special Education,  conducted a series of seven (7) after school trainings with special needs staff, general education teachers, and building administrators in order that each school could embark upon conducting a personalized analysis of special needs programs.  Each school examined their own data to determine whether the achievement gap between students with disabilities and non-disabled students is narrowing at their respective schools.  The schools also carefully looked at suspensions and drop-out rates to see if special needs students were overly represented in those populations.  Parents and teachers have been surveyed and their input utilized in improving our services to students and families.  All data has been pooled together and submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education. 

    The information shall be utilized in both individual school and in district planning processes so we can increase student achievement in a measurable way. 

    The picture you see is a team of  hard-working educators from several schools who received training at Page School Center Wednesday evening 11-10-04.

    Scroll below and open the KCMP file (you must have the EXCEL program to read it) and you will see the results of this comprehensive study. Any item that is below a "three" on the rating, must be addressed through  school and district comprehensive improvement plannning process.