For Copyrighted Content


    1.Parent contacts teacher to confirm student has print disability with accommodations noted on students IEP or 504 plan.

    2.Once this is confirmed the teacher then contacts the building level person identified as the Digital Content Manager (DRM). The DRM checks availability of the book in the Kentucky Accessible Materials Database (KAMD- linked to http://app1.kde.state.ky.us/kamd/index.cfm and orders if available. The DRM receives the CD from the KAMC and provides it to the student’s teacher, who then issues it to the student.


    1.Student requests from teacher access to digital text.

    2.Teacher confirms a print disability documented on students IEP. The teacher contacts the building level DRM who orders the digital content through the KAMD Principal Principal logs in to KAMD and appoints a DRM. DRM contacts teacher of students needing digital text to confirm print disability. DRM orders digital content through the KAMD for specific student(s).



    1.Teacher confirms specific student(s) has a print disability and is documented in the IEP or 504 plan.

    2.Teacher then contacts building level DRM who orders the digital content through the KAMD for specific student(s).


    For Non-Copyrighted Content

    Non-copyrighted material often available on the Internet can be freely used by anyone. Listed below are valuable Internet websites that offer thousands of free literary works freely available for anyone to use. Any teacher, student or parent can access and download the content from these sites. Feel free to use online or download any content from these websites. Ideas for Classroom Use Some teachers select specific books from these sites and download onto their computers. Other teachers simply highlight and copy selected chapters or passages and paste into Microsoft Word documents for later use with students in class. Students can also visit these websites at home or during free time for instructional purposes and download if needed. Click here to see the available free digital book (eText) Websites: http://kamc.louisville.edu/kyecontent/Catalogue.htm#FreeDigitaleText

  • Universal Design for Learning: Go to http://kysig.louisville.edu/udl