• Question 1:  How much does the Bell County Board of Education pay for mileage reimbursement? 

    ANSWER 1:  The Bell County Board of Education pays $0.42 per mile for both in district and out of district mileage.  There is a Bell County Board of Education Mileage Chart that has pre-calculated mileage and reimbursement amounts readily available.


    Question 2:  What are the requirements for meal reimbursement?

    ANSWER:  According to Board Policy, there is a daily meal allowance of $30.00 that will be reimbursed.  This includes up to a 15% gratuity.  If you spend more than that per day, only $30 will be reimbursed to you.  Also, according to Board Policy, only ITEMIZED receipts (showing the items purchased) will be accepted for reimbursement.


    Question 3:  How do I submit my reimbursement information?

    ANSWER 3:  A Travel Expense Voucher form (found on the PD documents page) must be completed for reimbursement.


    Question 4:  How do I obtain permission/approval for out of district professional development/learning or a school business trip?

    ANSWER 4:  All trainings/meetings outside of the district (that the school or district is paying for) must be approved.  A Professional Enrichment Leave form (found on the PD documents page) must be completed and signed by the Program Supervisor/Principal and Superintendent. 


     Question 5:  Will my parking be reimbursed?

    ANSWER 5:  Yes, as long as you submit the original receipt showing the amount paid for parking.