• Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: What is Upward Bound?

    A: A federally funded program to help participant skills and motivation necessary to complete a program of secondary education and to enter and succeed in a program of postsecondary education.


    Q: How long is the summer residential program?

    A: The Summer Program Experience is 6 weeks in duration, during the months of June and July.  Federal Regulations specify that UB summer programs be at least 6 weeks.


    Q: What is the end of the trip destination?

    A: At the end of the summer program experience, students are taken on a cultural/educational trip. Typically, the trip will be within a six-hour-driving distance of Berea College.


    Q: Do I have to reapply each year?

    A: Students do not have to re-apply for the UB-UB/MS Program.  Once accepted into the program, students can participate in services until graduation or the end of the summer program, after graduation (bridge student status).


    Q: What if I have other obligations during the summer program?

    A: You can participate in other educationally related programs, during the summer program.  However, it must be pre-approved by the project director (of your school) and the summer program director.  Please inform the project director of any anticipated summer program absences, as soon as possible.  Specific attendance policy can vary from year to year, so make sure to read through the current summer attendance policy.  Failure to meet the attendance policy may disqualify you from certain summer program activities and could result in dismissal from the summer program.  You may attend another camp, but it must be educational in nature and pre-approved by the project director and summer program director.


    Q: What is paid for and what are students/parents responsible for?

    A: Once a student applicant is determined eligible and accepted into the UB or UBMS program, students or parents/guardians will not be financially responsible for services provided.  Furthermore, students are eligible for academic stipends each semester and summer.