• Bell County Schools Compete in District Governor's Cup


    Bell Central Overall Winner in District 80        Page Governor's Cup Team    

      Frakes Wins 2nd Place at District 80 Governor's Cup        Lone Jack   


    Yellow Creek

    On Saturday, January 19, 2019, Frakes School Center hosted the District 80 Governor's Cup competition at their school.  There were four teams competing.  Those teams were Middlesboro Middle School, Bell Central School Center, Frakes School Center, and Yellow Creek School Center.  Bell Central School Center was the Overall District Governor's Cup winner with Frakes School Central placing 2nd overall, Middlesboro Middle in 3rd place and Yellow Creek in 4th. 

    District 81 was also competing on this same date, but was hosted by Pineville Independent Schools.  There were four teams competing there as well.  Those teams were Pineville High School (Middle Grades), Lone Jack School Center, Page School Center, and Right Fork School Center.  The results from this competition were Page School Center finishing in 1st place/Overall District Governor's Cup winner for this district.  Lone Jack School Center placed 2nd, Pineville was 3rd, and Right Fork School Center placed 4th.