• The FRYSC passes out Faith packs on Fridays to students who need extra food for the weekends so that none of our students miss a meal or go hungry. Faith packs are passed out discreetedly Friday afternoons to students who have been reffered to this program. If you know a student who may need this service please call the Youth Service Center at 337-8827. 


    The Youth Service Center is working on a Snack Center for our students. We would like to keep non-perishable snack items on hand for students who may need food throughout the day or need to pick something up before they go home. We run out of these items quickly so we are always in need of donations. Please note we cannot accept peanut products. Examples of items we keep on hand: bottled water, small bags of chips, cheese and crackers, fruit snacks, breakfast bars. All donations are appreciated by the Youth Service Center staff and our students.