• Why Should I Be Part of PTSA?


    PTSA is the largest non-profit volunteer association in this country working solely for children and youth. PTSA works on behalf of its members to help unite parents, teachers and the community for the common good of all children. Together, PTA and PTSA members can create a healthy, nurturing environment that improves opportunities for all children and youth. This is made possible through partnerships. 

    Local PTSAs provide parents, teachers and community members the opportunity to work together to improve the lives of children and youth through programs that address health, education and social concerns.

    Local, state and national PTAs cooperate with other children and youth-oriented organization to combine resources in addressing child-related issues.


    Members Are Key

    Members are the most important part of PTA/PTSA. Members are the key – the key to success, to parent involvement, to advocacy and to empowerment. Without members, there would be no PTA/PTSA!

    Membership is a tool to gain support for your school and for the students. Being a PTA member means getting involved in your community. Our role is big- to pull together the school, the community, teachers, parents and students to build a better neighborhood, a better home, a better town for our children. All over Kentucky, PTA members are working together for children – making a difference, one child at a time.

    Membership is outreach-touching the lives of every student and every family in the school community. The importance of including everyone is a PTA belief from before the turn of the last century. As PTA’s founder, Alice McLellan Birney put it; “Our appeal is to all mankind and to all womankind, regardless of race, color, or condition, to recognize that in the child lies the hope of the race and that the republic’s greatest work is to save the children.”

    The power of PTA is in its membership. Obtaining the maximum membership that you can is crucial to PTA’s effectiveness as an advocate for children. Every additional member adds power when your PTA goes before the SBDM Council, school board or speaks to a school board member. The number of your PTA’s members adds clout when you contact your state and federal legislators. With enough members, PTA can and does improve the education, health and safety of every child.