• Page STLP Among the State Finalists

    The Page School Center had two STLP groups representing Bell County Schools at the State STLP Competition in Lexington, KY at Rupp Arena on April 18, 2019.  Out of 650 schools from across the state, only the top 80 move onto the Round 3 of the competition as Finalists.  Page School Center Group with the STLP Project titled Food Frenzy was among the finalists. 


    Congratulations to Page STLP for making Bell County School District proud!! 


    Page STLP Food Frendzy           Page STLP

  • State STLP Competition...

    Page Students at State Competition        STLP Display

    The Page School Center STLP group competed at the State STLP level on Thursday, March 29th in Lexington, Kentucky at Rupp Arena.

Page STLP Community Project

  • Page STLP Students            Page STLP Students

    Page School STLP went to Regional Competition in Somerset on November 29th and were advanced to State Competition!  Their project is called "Packin' it Back!".  The YSC sends home Faith Packs in students backpacks.  These students have been identified as someone who may need extra food over the weekend.  We have 32 students in our school who receive Faith Packs.  STLP have been helping with packing up the Faith Packs as part of their project.  Our STLP students have been working with the Youth Service Center during their recess almost every day.

    Then, these students became concerned about these same students having Thanksgiving Dinner.  They coordinated a food drive throughout the school!  They were then able to get donations from Smithfield, Pic Pac, and Save-a-lot.  Thanks to the hard work of these students, not only do students get Faith Packs each Friday, but each of these students had a great Thanksgiving Dinner--complete with Ham, vegetables, mac and cheese, dressing, etc.  We are so proud to see these STLP students continue to state, plus they will continue to help the YSC and possibly help these students with Easter Dinner.   The STLP students include:  Haley Rutherford, Hailey Cook, Sara Saylor, Hailey Hall, Aliyah Miracle, Hunter Smith, Hayden Jones, and Emily Roark.