• 2020-2021 Science Olympiad 

    Bell County High School
    Coach Andrea Perkins
     BCHS Science Olympiad competed in the National Invitational. 339 teams competed, Bell County placed 60th overall!
    In the Top 25 in the nation
    Anatomy: 21st place - Kennedy Miracle, Dylan Wilson
    Experimental Design: 19th place - Chase Huff, Dylan Wilson, Bub Treece
    Ornithology: 19th place - Gage Reed, Bub Treece
    Protein Modeling: 8th place - Dylan Wilson, Kennedy Miracle
    In the Top 50 in the nation
    Chem Lab: 37th - Chase Huff, Chesney Blackburn
    Codebusters: 31st - Noah England, Chase Huff
    Forensics: 43rd - Noah England, Chesney Blackburn
  • Frakes Science Olympiad Team 
    Frakes Science Olympiad Team
    Pictured back row from left:   Milka Woodring, Abbi Middleton, Chesney Blackburn, Wiley Jones, Johanan Woodring, Emma Neal, Autumn Brock, Heaven Maiden, Maddyson Partin. 
    Front row:  Baleigh Thacker, Morgan Tipton, McKenzie Powers, Kaitlyn Green and Bailey Wilson 
    Team members finished 1st place in Anatomy and Physiology, Battery Buggy, Thermodynamics and Write-It-Do-It
    2nd place in Disease Detectives, Elastic Launched Glider and Herpetology
    3rd place in Crime Busters, Mystery Architecture, Potions and Poisons, and Roller Coaster
    The team finished in 2nd place overall and advance to the State Competition on April 13th. 
    Congratulations on your achievment and Good Luck at State!
  • Bell County High School

    Coach:  Andrea Perkins

    Spring 2017

    Regional Science Olympiad

    Astronomy - 3rd place - Ben Bowling, Ethan Gambrel

    Chem Lab - 3rd place - Tyler Reese, Cole Raines

    Dynamic Planet - 1st place - Ashlyn Jones, Josh Ramey

    Electric Vehicle - 3rd Place - Hunter Wilson

                                1st place - Chris Upton, Cole Raines

    Experimental Design - 1st place - Tyler Reese, Madison Brock, Ethan Brock

    Helicopters - 3rd place - Hunter Wilson, Matthew heck

                          2nd place - John Perkins, Antonio Zachery

                          1st place - Ean Rutherford, Bryan Ealy

    Hydrogeology - 3rd place - Summer Bailey, Gracen Callebs

                             2nd place - Kelsie Dean, Amber Sizemore

    Invasive Species - 3rd place - Curtis Miracle, Bryan Ealy

                                  2nd place - Ethan Warren, Ethan Brock

    Material Science - 3rd place - Meghan Bailey, Lindsay Bryant

                                  1st place - Tyler Reese, Cole Raines

    Remote Sensing - 1st place - Ben Bowling, Ethan Gambrel

    Robot Arm - 3rd place - Matthew Heck, Jeremiah Leach

                        1st place - John Perkins, Antonio Zachery

    Rocks and Minerals - 2nd place - Ethan Gambrel, Evan Collett

    Towers - 1st place - Antonio Zachery, John Perkins

    Wind Power - 3rd place - Chris Upton, Evan Collett

                          1st place - Curtis Miracle, James Adkins


    State Science Olympiad

    Electric Vehicle - 3rd place - Hunter Wilson

    Experimental Design - 2nd place - Tyler Reese, Ben Bowling, Ethan Brock

    Remote Sensing - 2nd place - Tyler Reese, Chris Upton

    Robot Arm - 3rd place - John Perkins, Antonio Zachery

    Write It, Do It - 1st place - Summer Bailey, Gracen Callebs