Paraeducator Employment Information

  • The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) federal legislation, along with school board policy, now requires that any applicant for a Paraeducator position (formerly called an Instructional Assistant or Teacher Aide) must have one of these credentials in order to be considered for employment:

    1.Evidence of two years of college; or

    2. Evidence of an Associate Degree; or

    3.Successfully pass the Kentucky Paraeducator Examination with a score of 48/60.

    The Kentucky Paraeducator Examination shall be given periodically to applicants at the District Administrative/Support Building, 211 Virginia Avenue, Pineville, Kentucky. The dates the test will be given will be published on the calendar on this page. Please register by calling Judy Fuson at 337-7051. Only applicants who have passed the KPA examination, or who have evidence of two years of college or an Associate Degree on file with their application for employment, shall be considered for employment in a Paraeducator/Instructional Assistant position. (Requirement of the federal NCLB)

    A 60 page study guide is available to help applicants prepare for this test. Scroll down this page to the Study Guide, which can be downloaded to your computer by "right clicking" on the document and choosing "save as".

    Yvonne W. Gilliam, Superintendent