• 2019-2020 District Spelling Bee


    On Wednesday, January 15th, 2020, the 4th through 8th grade Spelling Bee winners from each elementary school met at the BCHS Auditorium for the district competition.  Ethan Reese, 7th grader from Yellow Creek School Center, was declared the winner.  He will go on to compete at the Kentucky Derby Festival Spelling Bee in Louisville, Kentucky later this spring.  Autumn Powers, a 6th grader  from Frakes School Center, and Devin Messer, a 7th grader from Right Fork School Center, were finalists in the final round of the Spelling Bee. The representatives from each school by grade were:

    Bell Central:  4th grade - Keira Good; 5th grade - Cole Jones; 6th grade - Hayden Hoskins;

    7th grade - Jeremiah Saylor; 8th grade - Daniel Thomas

    Bell Central Representatives


    Frakes:  4th grade - Autumn Green; 5th grade - Laiken Hammontree; 6th grade - Autumn Powers;

    7th grade - Allie Partin; 8th grade - Kaitlyn Green



    Lone Jack: 4th grade - Landen Collins; 5th grade - Autumn Hembree; 6th grade - Aden England;

    7th grade - Destiny Allen; 8th grade - Brody Patterson

    Lone Jack


    Page:  4th grade - Andrew Rice; 5th grade - Carson Walters; 7th grade - Braydin Hickey; 8th grade - Chris Lawson



    Right Fork:  4th grade - Chase Caldwell; 5th grade - Alexis Burchett; 6th grade - Danielle Beverly;

    7th grade - Devin Messer; 8th grade - Chase Helton

    Right Fork


    Yellow Creek:  4th grade - Kelly Jones; 5th grade- Jasmine Minton (not pictured); 6th grade - Alex Marsee;

    7th grade - Ethan Reese; 8th grade - Jayden Lee

    Yellow Creek



  • Johanan Woodring Wins Bell County District Spelling Bee Champion

     Johanan Woodring pictured with his trophy.

     The Bell County School District hosted its annual spelling bee January 9th at the Bell County High School auditorium.  Each county school held a spelling bee to select grade level winners for grades 4 through 8, with a total of 30 school level winners. All of the students represented their schools well during the competition.  The grade level winners from their respective schools are as follows:

    • From Bell Central School Center:  Cole Jones, 4th grade; Ericka Gray, 5th grade; Taylor Barnett, 6th grade; Holly Gambrel, 7th grade; and Mikayla Gambrel, 8th grade.
    • From Frakes School Center:  Logan Brock, 4th grade; Hannah Hatfield, 5th grade; Abbi Middleton, 6th grade; Nasir Wilson, 7th grade, and Johanan Woodring, 8th grade.
    • From Lone Jack School Center:  Kayla Bowling, 4th grade; Kaden Taylor, 5th grade; Kasey Vaughn, 6th grade; Matthew West, 7th grade; and Euel Hensley, 8th grade.
    • From Page School Center: Paisleigh Wilson, 4th grade; Cayley Collett, 5th grade; Jaden Earl, 6th grade; Bree Ann Greene, 7th grade; and Alyssa Cox, 8th grade.
    • From Right Fork School Center:  Alexis Burchett, 4th grade; Hayden Hoskins, 5th grade; Hailey Fugate, 6th grade; Chase Helton, 7th grade; and Martin Perez 8th grade.
    • From Yellow Creek School Center:  Grace Cox, 4th grade; Alexis Pack, 5th grade; Ethan Reese, 6th grade; Parker Gibson, 7th grade, and Haylee Mills, 8th grade. 

    The overall district winner was crowned after 7 rounds of competition.  Johanan Woodring, 8th grader at Frakes School Center will represent Bell County at the Kentucky Derby Festival Spelling Bee in March. 


    Photo Gallery from the Competition below:

  • Bub Treece Places 3rd in Kentucky Derby Festival

    State Spelling Bee!!

    On Saturday, March 17th, 2018, Bub Treece represented the Bell County School District at the Kentucky Derby Festival State Spelling Bee competition held in Louisville.  Bub had several Bell County students there supporting him in the competition.  Bub finished 3rd in the competition winning a $3000.00 Savings Bond. 

    State Spelling Bee Collage

    Congratulations to Bub for his tremendous achievement!!

  • Bell County Schools Spelling Bee

              The Bell County School District hosted its annual spelling bee December 7th in the Bell County High School auditorium.  Each county school held a spelling bee to select grade level winners for the elementary and middle school divisions.  Students in grades 3,4, and 5 competed for the title of elementary winner while grade 6, 7, and 8 students vied for the middle school title.  Winners in each division received a trophy and a chrome book. 

                The elementary competition was won by Bell Central 3rd grade student Cole Jones.  Cole won during the 8th round.  After twelve rounds of competition, the middle school winner was Bell Central 8th grader Kenneth "Bub" Treece.  Bub will compete in the Kentucky Derby Festival spelling bee in March.

    Bell County District Winners


    Schools and their winners:

     Bell Central Spelling Bee Winners

    3rd Grade: Cole Jones

    4th Grade: Emily Rose

    5th Grade: Afton Wagner

    6th Grade: Holly Gambrel

    7th Grade: Jacob Hamblin

    8th Grade: Kenneth "Bub" Treece


    Frakes Spelling Bee Winners

    3rd Grade: Noah Lambdin

    4th Grade: Autumn Powers

    5th Grade: Abbi Middleton

    6th Grade: Milka Woodring

    7th Grade: Wiley Jones

    8th Grade: Heaven Maiden

     Lone Jack Spelling Bee Winners

    3rd Grade: Payton Elliott

    4th Grade: Peyton Venable

    5th Grade: Emma Price

    6th Grade: Noah Mason

    7th Grade: Morgan Taylor

    8th Grade: Kiara Cloud

     Page Spelling Bell Winners

    3rd Grade: Sidney Young

    4th Grade: Elijah Hampton

    5th Grade: Kasey Vaughn

    6th Grade: Brooklyn Sanders

    7th Grade: Evan Campbell

    8th Grade: Tucker Hunley

     Right Fork Spelling Bee Winners

    3rd Grade: Clayton Zahnd

    4th Grade: Landon Lovett

    5th Grade: Charles Hillman

    6th Grade: Isaiah Mullins

    7th Grade: Kaideynce Lewis

    8th Grade: Noah Caldwell

     Yellow Creek Spelling Bee Winners

    3rd Grade: Jasmine Minton

    4th Grade: Alex Marsee

    5th Grade: Ethan Reese

    6th Grade: Emily Barnett

    7th Grade: Kaylyn Simpson

    8th Grade: Jorden Hall 

  • Spelling Bee Competition

  • Kennedy Miracle Finishes in the Top 15

    in Kentucky Derby Spelling Bee

    On Saturday, March 11, 2017, Kennedy Miracle competed in the Kentucky Derby Spelling Bee sponsored by the Ford Motor Company in Louisville, Kentucky.  Kennedy is an 8th grade student at Page School Center.  She competed within the district against a representative from each of the other elementary schools in order to win this opportunity. 

    Kennedy represented Bell County well, finishing 15th out of 64 participants from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and several from the state of Indiana.

    Congratulations on a Job Well Done!!

  • District Spelling Bee Competition

    On December 1, 2016, the District Spelling Bee competition was held at Bell County High School auditorium for the Elementary Level (grades 3 -5) and the Middle Level (grades 6 - 8).  The winner of the Middle Grade competition will represent the district at the Kentucky Derby Festival Spelling Bee later in March.  Each school selected a representative for their school for each level of competition. 

    Elementary Level (pictured left to right):                                                            

    Bailey Wilson (Frakes), Lacey Sexton (Right Fork), Parker Gibson (Bell Central), Ethan Reese (Yellow Creek), Bradyn Amburgey (Lone Jack), and William Jaden Earle (Page).


    Middle Level (pictured left to right):

    Madison Lewis (Lone Jack), Whitney Sexton (Right Fork), Kennedy Miracle (Page), Raegan Robbins (Bell Central), and Johanan Woodring (Frakes).