• Dance Class
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    3 Elements of Dance: Space Time Force
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    Space: the area of space occupied by the dancer's body. The components of space include DIRECTION, SIZE, PATHWAY, LEVEL, and SHAPE. Time: the relationship of one movement or part of a movement to another. The components of time include ACCENT, BEAT, DURATION, PHRASE, PULSE, RHYTHM, SYNCOPATION, and TEMPO. Force (ENERGY): degree of muscular tension and use of energy while moving. The components of force include DYNAMICS (sharp/smooth), FLOW (bound/free), and WEIGHT (heavy/light).
  • Hawaiian Hula Dance

    3 Purposes of Dance:




    (Remember: CAR)

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    Example of Dance: Native American War Dance Purpose: Ceremonial
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    Example of Dance: Square Dancing Purpose: Recreational
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    Example of Dance: Ballet Purpose: Artistic
  • Dance from the Nutcracker

    A picture of a ballerina from the ballet called the "Nutcracker" by Peter Tchaikovsky.