• Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
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    Anotonio Vivaldi was from Italy. He was a composer of the Baroque period. He was also in the priesthood, preparing to be a priest, and a great church musician. Vivaldi's father was a barber and a talented violinist. Vivaldi spent most of his life as a ciolin teacher for an orphanage. Most of his music was composed for the children there. Among the best-known of his orchestrial concertos is Four Seasons (Spring). Also, Vivaldi was nicknamed "the red priest" because of his red hair.
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    This is what is left of Vivaldi's grave
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    Apparently there used to be a cemetery on this site, and Vivaldi's actual burial spot was lost when they put the big building there. So they put up a sign to remeber that he was buried somewhere under the building.
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    Vivaldi was a great violinist.
  • The Parts of the Violin

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