• Ms. Crockett's Awesome class of 2005-2006!!!
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    We are a very exciting first grade class. Here are some amazing things that our class has accomplished this year. Our class raised the most money in the school for the Katrina relief. We raised over $100.00. We won a Pizza Party with a movie. Our class had the best attendance during the month of October. Our whole class can write their double facts to 20. Our class had the 1st "first grader" to reach the 25 point club in AR, Ethan Gambrel, son of Kellie and Dan Gambrel. Ethan now has 40 points!!!! Our class has the highest AR points out of the three first grades. 268 points!!!!!!! Our class has the most AR readers in first grade. 18 AR students. WOW, we had some great kindergarten teachers last year, a "looking good" cheer for you.
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    100th Day giggles, Amber, Ashlyn, Jessi, and Savanna
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  • Mrs. Crockett-Pratt's Class of 2006-2007
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    The 2006-2007 class was a very amazing class that accomplished all of this:

    Our class ended the year with 356 Ar points, the highest score out of the 3 first grades.

    Our class had the highest AR student "Summer Bailey" with 60 points.

    Our class won the Pizza Party for the highest AR points of the 3 first grades.

    Our class had the highest number of on level readers 17/18.

    Our class had the highest number of AR Readers 17/18.

    Our class mastered 85% of their Math Exit Expectations.

    Our class enjoyed field trips to the Knoxville Zoo and Fords Woods Park for a day of fun.

    I will miss you all very much, you were an enjoyment everyday. Keep on Reading!!!