• My wonderful family!!!!! (Including the best nieces and nephew ever!)
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    Kamryn Isabella Brock Daughter fo Tim and Susan Brock Susan is my best friend in the world and Kamryn has brought so much joy into my life. This little precious angel is truely one of my niece's.
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    Cassidy June Hack Daughter of Nathan and Amy (Brock) Hack Cassidy is so funny in the way that she will just laugh about anything. She has brought true joy into my life and heart. Cassidy and I share a very special date, our birthday's, December 12th!!!!
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    My great parents... I am truly blessed!
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    Kamryn getting her nails done for the first time. She was going to be a princess in Aunt Heather's Wedding.
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    Cassidy at her best!!
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    My wonderful nephew, Noah Dewayne Brock. He is so handsome and loving. "My cake is so GOOD!"
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    Noah (AKA...Bubby) is so handsome!!
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    Kamryn and Noah "We love one another very much!!!"
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    My beautiful mother, brother (Arles) and sister-in-law (Trichina).
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    Cassidy in her "Reds" hat!!!
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    Cassie and I at the basketball homecoming!
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    Cassidy and Mommy (Amy Brock Hack)
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    Kamryn and Bubby...loving on one another!!
  • COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures of my wonderful dog....LAYLA!!!!!!!!!!
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