• Welcome to my ongoing scrapbook collection where you will find multiple pictures of 2nd Graders in action.
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    1st graders were playing an observation game in order to find certain shapes within the classroom in order to meet their art requirements.
  • 9247/p1300883073_8800.jpg

    The following children were completing a quiz over hand washing! After all good hygiene keeps our attendance up!!!
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    My class is taking A test with the help of career student's, (Greg Estes and Adam Southern). The following students are just finishing up their test. What a relief for them!!
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    This bulletin board is a small part of what is on the walls in my classroom. The students love to see bright colors on the wall.
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    Here are a couple of students hard at work using technology as they play an art game on the computers. This is something they really enjoy doing.
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    Above is one of my 3 kindergarten classes doing some simple stretches. They love to exercise!!
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    My kindergarten class is doing a worksheet about keeping our teeth clean. They are coloring the pictures before they cut them out and glue them putting in the correct order of how to brush your teeth.
  • 9247/p1124998001_9389.jpg

    Here we are doing some other exercises while sitting on the floor. They are doing a wonderful job with their stretches in P.E class.
  • 9247/p236603901_9390.jpg

    Here we are enjoying a few minutes of carpet time. The students are listening to a story and answering questions. What smart students I have?
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    Mackenzie is helping Hoss to get caught up on a worksheet we had been working on.
  • 9247/p239627227_9912.jpg

    Lucas is learning to brush his teeth the proper way!!
  • 9247/p426101796_9913.jpg

    1st graders Jessica, Chris and Grace are hard at work.
  • 9247/p1414757523_9914.jpg

    I love to see my 1st graders Ashley, Brian, and Jessica all sharing.
  • 9247/p11518567_9915.jpg

    Mr. Trosper's Kindergarten class are reaching for the stars.
  • 9247/p111285999_9916.jpg

    Ethan and Ashlyn wait patiently for their turn to brush the big teeth.
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    Kindergarten students, Rachel, Dante, Brooklyn, Liam, and Abigail work hard to finish their assignment.
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    Mr. Trosper's Kindergarten students are hard at work!!
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    Austin and Chelsey partner reading for SFA.