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    Austin and Chelsey partner reading Maggie and Millie during SFA Reading.
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    Baylor and Sydney...Helping each other on a word they don't know.
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    Ethan 3rd grader and Daniel 2nd grader partner reaing... Every Monday...3rd grade and 2nd grade partner read together. We also write letters to each other.
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    Jessica is hard at work to finish her Shurley English Test...
  • 14935/p70629849_14584.jpg

    Summer is finished with her work so she is relaxing with a good book.
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    We are dressed up as our favorite Story book character!!!
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    When we grow up we are going to fight fires!!!
  • 14935/p224403559_14827.jpg

    When we grow up we are going to be doctors!
  • 14935/p74293244_14829.jpg

    When Daniel grows up he wants to be a carpenter just like his dad.
  • 14935/p759463533_14830.jpg

    When Summer grows up, she wants to follow in her mothers foot step and be a nurse!
  • 14935/p764817341_14831.jpg

    When we grow up we want to be a teacher just like Mrs. Farmer.
  • 14935/p1605315736_14832.jpg

    When Teanna grows up she wants to sing in churches and raise money for families that are in need.
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    When Madison and Jonathon grow up they want to be pro ball players!!
  • 14935/p71538120_14834.jpg

    When we grow up we want to be soldiers and fight for our country!!
  • 14935/p894713054_14835.jpg

    Charlie wants to fight fires when he grows up!
  • 14935/p11832781_14836.jpg

    Brooke wants to be a Vet and take care of sick animals.
  • 14935/p369169392_14837.jpg

    Ryan wants to be a pro baseball player when he grows up!!