• Our 100th day of school was January 23, 2006!! We had a wonderful time counting and doing many other 100th day activities. Some of the activities included but were not limited to: * Counting to 100 (numerous times) * Doing 100 exercises (10 different exercises/stretches, 10 times each) * Taking 100 steps * Drawing a picture of how you might look at 100 years old * Writing 100 new words we have learned this year * What would you do with a 100 dollar bill? And Much Much More!!!
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    This is Ms. Wilder's homeroom class, all decked out in their 100th day attire. They are wearing nice 100th day head bands and wonderful 100th day t-shirts made for them by Ms. Wilder herself. Didn't she do a wonderful job?
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    Ms. Crockett's homeroom class wearing their 100th day hats and clothing. Don't they look nice?
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    Bell Central School Center collected 100 pennies from many students and staff on 100th day. We then donated the money raised to the the Bell County Homeless Shelter. I am proud to say the staff and students together raised over $475 dollars.