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    My son, Wyatt, is 3 years old. He loves playing with cars and transformers! His favorite foods are mashed potatoes and gummies! He loves chocolate milk and "alligator" (Gatorade).

    I am proud to share that Wyatt will no longer be an only child come April! We are very excited about the new baby and greatly appreciate all prayers and good thoughts sent our way!

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    I have been married for 5 wonderful years to my husband Waylon Dunn.

    He is the Nurse Manager in charge of the Surgery Department at MARH. We are very proud of him! He will graduate from Union in December with his Bachelor's Degree in Nursing!

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    I have been teaching for 4 years. I have taught all ages from 3 year olds to middle schoolers and I have learned many life lessons from each age group.

    I am currently teaching thrid grade and loving it! Teaching is my passion, I could never see myself in any other profession! Teaching children to not only learn but also being able to influence them to be good people with compassion is very important to me.