• Substitute Requirements




                    Any person wishing to seek employment in the Bell County School System must have a completed application on file in the district office. All

                    required pre-requisites must be met before a person can begin employment and receive payment from the board of education.

    Record Check -

                    Current Criminal Record Check. This requires the taking of your fingerprints and a check in the amount of $39.25 payable to the Bell County Board of Education. One record check will be sent to the FBI and the other to the Kentucky State Police. 

    Verification of Employment Eligibility Form -

                    Must be completed at Central Office and presented to the Personnel Office with required forms of identification.  KRS 160.380 requires a photo identification to be submitted for any applicants after 6/20/05.

    Medical Exam (includes TB skin test) -

                    Attached is a medical exam form along with an authorization form to have your required exam done.  Medical examinations performed within a ninety (90)-day period prior to initial employment will be accepted and may be performed by: a licensed physician, physician assistant (PA), or advanced registered nurse practitioner

    Drug Screening-

                    As of 7/1/05, school Board Policy requires a pre-employment drug screen.  Drug Free/Alcohol Free Policy is ATTACHED

    W-4  and K-4 Withholding Forms -

                    For pay purposes-Attached.  Questions should be addressed to the Bell County School District Finance Director.

                    Federal and state employee’s withholding exemption certificates. U.S. law requires that, if hired, you must furnish your social security card* and one of the following documents within 72 hours of starting work (Furnish to Finance Director-Payroll Office)

    • A card issued by Federal, State or local government showing your identity
    • Driver’s license, or state issued I.D. card with photo
    • School I.D. card with photo
    • Current INS Forms with employment authorization stamp
    • S. passport
    • Voter’s registration card
    • S. military card or other draft card

    *If you do not have a social security card, you may present an original or copy of a U.S. birth certificate, or Department or State Forms FS-545 or DS-1350 or INS Forms I-327, I-571, I-197, I-179.

    Official Transcript (required of all substitute teachers) -

    Undergraduates must have at least 64-semester credit hours and a 2.5 grade point average.  Please have an official copy of your transcript either with you when you turn in the application or have the college or university mail an official copy to us at:  Bell County Board Of Education, 211 Virginia Avenue, Pineville, Kentucky 40977.


    Certifications -

    Certified - an official copy of your Kentucky teaching certificate is required. The Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board issues a five year Certificate for Substitute Teaching to applicants who: (A) Hold a valid statement of eligibility for a Kentucky teaching certificate; or (B)  Have previously held a Kentucky certificate for classroom teaching for which the completion of a 4-year teacher preparation program and a B.A. degree were required

    Statement of Eligibility - holders of a statement of eligibility are eligible for a Five-Year Substitute Teaching Certificate.  A TC-2 form must be completed and mailed to:

    Emergency  Certified - An emergency certificate for substitute teaching shall be required by the Education Professional Standards Board. Local school districts shall secure a board order number each spring for the anticipated number of EC substitutes for the upcoming school year. (Not before March 1st) Once the school district has made a request for certification with the EPSB, the applicant must complete the online process and if approved, present a copy of their certificate to the director of personnel to place in their employment file.  ALL APPLICANTS FOR AN EMERGENCY SUBSTITUE CERTIFICATE MUST HAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.

    To be eligible to substitute teach on an emergency basis, the applicant must: 

    1. Hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
    2. Have at least ninety-six semester hours of college credit with at least a 2.5 GPA (Rank IV) or
    3. Have from sixty-four to ninety-five semester hours of college credit with at least a 2.5 GPA (Rank V).


    Additional Information -

    The Certificate for Substitute Teaching is valid for substitute teaching; it is not valid for continuous part-time employment for classroom teaching; or as a permanent replacement for a teacher of record for the remainder of the school year. An emergency certificate for full-time or part-time employment shall not be issued to individuals who have been judged to be unsatisfactory in the beginning teacher internship established in 16 KAR 7:010.

    For additional information you can contact the personnel director at the board of education or the Educational Professional Standards Board, 100 Airport Road, 3rd Floor, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601